Coronavirus - Community updates from the Revd Neil Short Wednesday 17 February 2


No 55: 17.2.21



  • If you have a friend or neighbour who would like to receive this, please forward their details.
  • I also invite you to send in poems, quizzes and jokes!
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  • All church services have been cancelled until further notice. Every Sunday morning we send out an online service, so you can watch it at home at 10.30am or at any time which is convenient to you.
  • During lockdown we are having a Zoom Quiz every other week. The next one is on Friday 19th February at 7.30pm. You don’t have to be an expert; in fact I haven’t won one yet! There will be a prize for those taking part on their own and another for those in a family group.
    If you would like to be involved send an email to Richard Kemp at
  • Each week we run two ZOOM Bible Studies. One on a Monday morning 10.30-11.15am, and another on Wednesday afternoon 4.30-5.15pm. If you would like to join us just, let Helen or Neil know.



Helen has filmed a short Ash Wednesday thought for the day.



With the church Hall closed due to the crisis, we decided it was a good time to sand and repolish the floor. This is the first of 4 coats going on. A big thank you to Phil for heading this up and all those involved in the spring cleaning which was required after all the dust!.

More information about the restoration of the St Michael’s Community Hall in the next edition.



A flower to brighten up your day,
A star to wish upon,
Some string to keep you together,
A heart so you know you are loved
A drink until we can have one together.



The service on Sunday 14th February focused on Depression. Neil’s talk and his interview with Kari can be found at:-
Talk No 1
Talk No 2

For ongoing help with depression.

Both Kari (07909 966997) and Neil (0151 378 0332) will be happy to speak with you about any issues raised in this service.

Here are two really helpful YOUTUBE Videos produced by the World Health Organisation.
The first is about living with depression (just click on the link below)

I had a black dog, his name was depression 

The second one is caring for someone with depression.
Living with a black dog

Every Mind Matters  This is the NHS site and has loads of useful advice and resources.



I was walking down life’s highway, not so long before,

When I saw a sign which read Heaven’s Universal Store.

As I came a little closer, the doors slid open wide

And somehow then I found myself standing right inside.


The Store was full of Angels, serving everywhere,

One, handing me a trolley, said, “Welcome – shop with care,

Everything a Christian needs is in this Heavenly Store,

And what you don’t take today, you can come tomorrow for.”


First I chose some PATIENCE, as my stock of that was low,

And LOVE was there for all to see, right in the middle row,

Then I took a tray of WISDOM, and a bag or two of GRACE,

And lots of PERSEVERANCE, to help me last the pace.


I asked a helping Angel where KINDNESS could be found,

And straightaway she brought a bunch, with silken ribbon bound.

SALVATION was on offer, with limitless guarantee,

So I took enough of that to serve for you and me.


Making for the check-out I saw PRAYER, and put that in,

For I knew that when I stepped outside I’d come face to face with sin.

And next to PRAYER were PEACE and JOY on the very last bright shelf,

With SONGS, and PRAISE piled up near, so I helped myself.


My shopping spree was finished so I asked “What do I owe?”

The Angel only smiled and said “Take care as you go,”

But once again I asked, “Please tell me what I owe,”

Still smiling the Angel said,

“Your bill, my child, was paid some 2000 YEARS AGO!”



 With renewed assurance of my own prayers that you, and those close to you, will be blessed with the light of the love of Jesus. In a famous poem,    R S Thomas catches the truth of the Incarnation most beautifully, and his words are perhaps even more accurate in these strained and painful days.

Here is “The Coming”:


And God held in his hand 
A small globe. Look, he said. 
The son looked. Far off, 
As through water, he saw 
A scorched land of fierce 
Colour. The light burned 
There; crusted buildings 
Cast their shadows; a bright 
Serpent, a river 
Uncoiled itself, radiant 
With slime. 

On a bare 
Hill a bare tree saddened 
The sky. Many people 
Held out their thin arms 
To it, as though waiting 
For a vanished April 
To return to its crossed  
Boughs. The son watched 
Them. Let me go there, he said.


May God bless each and all of you. Stay safe.  +Paul 



St Michael’s school has remained open throughout the crisis for vulnerable children and those of key workers. Recently Neil called in with three large boxes of biscuits for the staff, as a big thank you from all of us to the staff for all they are doing in live lessons and on-line.



For those who missed our  Sunday talks you will find them here:
Sunday Feb 7th
Link for talk 1: Link for talk 2:

Sunday Feb 14th and

If you are new to accessing YouTube clips and need some help, just give Margaret or I a ring on 0151 378 0332 and we will help.




Together we will get through this.

Revd Neil Short