Coronavirus - Community updates from the Revd Neil Short no 51 - 16.12.2020


No 51: 16.12.20



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In the weeks leading up to Christmas we have lots of special services.

Sunday 13th             December 4.00pm                                       Christingle Service No 1*
Wednesday16th        December 10.30am                                     Christingle Service No 2*
Sunday 20th             December 4.00pm                                       Christingle Service No 3*


Wednesday 23rd       December 10.30am                                     Christmas Communion

Thursday 24th               December 4.00pm                                       Outdoor Carol Service**
Friday 25th                 December 10.30am                                     Christmas Day Family Communion.
Sunday 27th               December                                                    No Service.
Sunday 3rd                     January 10.30am                                        Holy Communion    

* This year we will be running 3 identical Christingle Services. With maximum capacity about 45, we require everybody to book a place at one of the three Services. Send an email to Nerys in the office  or leave a message on the church answer phone  0151 924 0561. If several members of your family who are attending are in a bubble, please mention this.


At 4pm on Christmas Eve we will be holding an outdoor Carol Service with members of the Salvation Army Brass Band. The service will last about 30 minutes and because we are outside we will be able to sing! The Service will go ahead whatever the weather.

We will set up a few chairs in the Church Hall for the elderly who need to sit in relative warmth!  We will open the windows so you can hear, but sadly you are not allowed to join in with the singing.

You must wear a face mask to arrive at and leave the service.  There will be no parking on church grounds, all parking on the road.
The collection will go to the Salvation Army.



There will be a special Christmas Quiz on Friday 18th December at 7.30pm.

There will be a prize for those taking part on their own and another for those in a family group.
If you would like to be involved send an email to Richard Kemp at


CHRISTMAS CARDS - Submitted by Betty Watson-Kay

1.  We have a list of folks we know,

all written in a book

and every year,

when Christmas comes

we go and take a look

and that is when we realise

these names are now a part,

not of the book

they’re written in,

but of our very heart.



2.  And while we may

not be aware

of any “special link”,

just meeting you

has changed our lives

a lot more than you think.


3.  So never think

our Christmas Cards

are just a mere routine

of names upon a Christmas list

forgotten in between.

For we are just the total

of many folks we’ve met

and you happen to be one of those

we’d rather not forget!



4.  And whether we have known you

for many years or few,

in some way, you have had a part

in shaping things we do.

And every year

when Christmas comes,

we realise anew,

the best gift life can offer

is meeting folks like you!






The Church of England have produced a really thoughtful 3-minute video for this once in a lifetime Christmas. It’s well worth the watch.

Once the picture appears, you may need to click on it once again to get the sound.


QUIZ - Submitted by Michael Stone

1.  Which sport is played by the Lords Taveners?

2.  Which TV channel first broadcast Downton Abbey?

3.  Which tree leaf is the logo of Air Canada?

4.  The constellation Ursa Major is better known as what?

5.  32 degrees in Fahrenheit is what in Centigrade?

6.  In which country was the Bolshoi ballet founded?

7.  Which English football league club plays its home games at Blundell Park?

8.  What do herbivores eat?

9.  The Angel Waterfalls are in which country?

10. The Mohs scale measures what?

11. In which year was the Gettysburg’s address?

12. How many old pence make a guinea?

13. ‘Around the world in 80 days’ was first written in which language?

14. Who was the father of Zeus?

15. The sword is the symbol of which Apostle?

16. What is the common name for the Panthera Uncia?

17. Mo Farah has only held one world record.  At what event?

18. Which liner has the record for the greatest number of passengers on a single voyage?

19. The Prix Goncourt is awarded for what?

20. Who wrote George V’s first Christmas Day broadcast speech?



A big thank you to everyone who donated children’s Christmas presents for our Toy Service on Sunday 6th December. Sylvia and Becky from the Salvation Army explained how the gifts will make an enormous difference in the lives of poor children. We were also able to send them £764 in cash.


Recent statistics show that during the present crisis 24% of the population have accessed on-line worship at some time. That’s not to say they listen every week or stay gripped for the whole length of the service. But this does come as a bit of a surprise when we are so used to being told that people are no longer interested in spiritual things. Perhaps even more surprising is that in the age range 18-25 the percentage rises to 34%.

You don’t need to have a degree in statistics to work out the implication of these figures. People are still interested in God and spirituality, but they are bored with the church so have stopped attending. I recently said this to a lady who was well over 85 expecting her to say, “Well I have loved it all my life”. Her reply came as a surprise, “It’s bored most of us who have attended, we just felt duty bound to keep turning up”!

Well, that’s not good enough. We have no excuse for making the power of God, the love of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit a turn off to most of the population. As long as I am the Vicar of St Michael’s, I will be eager to work together to make our time together one of the best bits of the week, and not just something to be endured.



1. Cricket    2. ITV    3. Maple    4. Great Bear    5. 0    6. Russia    7. Grimsby    8. Plants    9. Venezuela    10. Hardness    11. 1863    12. 252    13. French    14. Cronus    15. St Paul    16. Snow leopard    17. Longest distance in 1 hour    18. Queen Mary (1943 – 22,500 US troops on Atlantic crossing    19. French literature   20. Rudyard Kipling


If you missed the Woodlands Virtual Christmas Service on Sunday 6th December you can watch it here at . It lasts about 30 minutes, it’s brilliantly produced, but you will need a box of tissues.



For those who missed our Sunday talks you will find them here:

Sunday December 6th :
Talk 1:      Talk 2:
Sunday December 13th :

If you are new to accessing YouTube clips and need some help, just give Margaret or I a ring on 0151 378 0332 and we will help.



A big thank you to everyone who continues to submit items. Here are some great ones I have been storing up for Christmas.


That’s it Christmas is cancelled!

No Nativity this year because the 3 Wise Men face a travel ban.

The shepherds have been furloughed.

Irish Government confirms Santa Claus will be visiting Ireland this year

Christmas has been cancelled

The Inn keeper has shut under tier 3 regulations and had a slump in bookings.

Santa won't be working as he would break the rule of 6 with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen.

As for Rudolph, with that red nose, he should be isolating and taking a test. 🤣😂🤣🎄🎅🏼


Our next edition will be on Wednesday 6th January.


Together we will get through this.
Revd Neil Short