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St Michael’s Church will be reopening in time for Mother’s Day. We will be following all guidance provided by the Government and the Church of England.

There will be three Mother’s Day Services
-Wednesday 10th March 10.30am
-Sunday 14th March 10.30am
-Sunday 14th March we will be sending out the online Mother’s Day Service.


As before lockdown, you will need to wear a face mask, gel your hands on entry, and confirm that you do not have any symptoms.
We will continue to sit on every third pew and at least 2 meters apart. This means that our maximum capacity will be about 45.

Please note that if infection rates begin to rise, we will revisit this decision and if necessary NOT reopen on Mother’s Day.

Arrangements for our services over Easter will be announced in our next Newsletter on Wednesday 17th March.




St Michael’s Community Hall is a great facility and in normal times is used by many different groups in our community. However, the hall is now in need of significant refurbishment to maintain its suitability to match modern expectations.

Included in the repair schedule is a new roof, replacement windows, extra storage, stripping and repolishing the floor and decorating throughout.  

A booklet laying out the full schedule will be delivered to you.

The church leaders have committed £30,000 from church funds, and we are looking to raise a further £30,000 via donations.

To hear Neil outline the work involved click on the following link:



  • We are having a Zoom Quiz every other week. The next one is on Friday, 5th March at 7.30pm. You don’t have to be an expert; in fact, I haven’t won one yet! There will be a prize for those taking part on their own and another for those in a family group.
    If you would like to be involved send an email to Richard Kemp at
  • Each week we run two ZOOM Bible Studies. One on a Monday morning 10.30-11.15am and another on Wednesday afternoon 4.30-5.15pm. If you would like to join us, just let Helen or Neil know.



If the mountain seems too big today

then climb a hill instead.

If the morning brings you sadness

it's okay to stay in bed.

If the day ahead weighs heavy

and your plans feel like a curse,

there's no shame in re-arranging

don't make yourself feel worse.


If a shower stings like needles

and a bath feels like you'll drown,

if you haven't washed your hair for days

don't throw away your crown.

A day is not a lifetime

a rest is not defeat,

don't think of it as failure,

just a quiet, kind retreat.


It's okay to take a moment

from an anxious, fractured mind

the world will not stop turning

while you get realigned.

The mountain will still be there

when you want to try again,

you can climb it in your own time

just love yourself till then.



1.   Where in Liverpool would you have found a docker’s umbrella?

2.   Where on Merseyside would you find an angry bee?

3.   What tv programme were Bert Lynch, Fancy Smith, Jock Weir and Steele in?

4.   Where is the cast iron shore?

5.   Where might you have met Napoleon on Merseyside?

6.   How tall is the Liver Building? 35, 49 or 51 metres.

7.   How old is Paul O’Grady?

8.   Where is Perch Rock?

9.   What decade was the Albert Dock opened? 1830, 1840, 1850

10. What was Anfield Road previously named?  Everton Street, Border Street, Hangfield.



They made us believe that luxury was the rare, the expensive, the exclusive, everything that seemed unattainable.  Now we realise that luxury were those little things that we did not know how to value when we had them and now that they are gone, we miss them so much ….. Luxury is being healthy.  Luxury is not stepping into a hospital.  Luxury is being able to walk along the seashore.  Luxury is going out on the streets and breathing without a mask.  Luxury is meeting with your whole family, with your friends.  Luxury are the looks.  Smiles are Luxury.  Luxury are hugs and kisses.  Luxury is enjoying every sunrise.  Luxury is the privilege of loving and being alive.  All this is a Luxury, and we did not know.

Stay blessed.  Stay grateful.




Last year we donated £1,500 to the local foodbank.
Lucy Faulkner, a member of St Michael’s has been involved and has taken the equivalent of 15 shopping trolleys of food from the Blundellsands Community.

These are hard times, particularly for some families with children, and it has been good to see Marcus Rashford drawing this to our attention. Thankfully, it has been good to see the government responding to this call.

When we eventually rise out of this crisis, the government will be facing a seriously challenging task: How to address the financial burden that has been brought to bear?

A growing number of people are underlining the need to place ‘The Right to Food’ as a key priority. In other words, nobody in the UK should be going to bed with an empty stomach tonight, or any other night.

The Bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, is involved in this campaign.

You can hear what he says at:

Read more and watch his video message here

And you can sign the petition at:

Sign the petition here  It only takes about 60 seconds.



For those who missed our Sunday talks you will find them here:

Sunday Feb 21st

Link for talk 1:
Link for talk 2:

Sunday Feb 28th  
Link for talk 1:
Link for talk 2:

If you are new to accessing YouTube clips and need some help, just give Margaret or I a ring on 0151 378 0332 and we will help.



1. The Overhead railway which ran from the Dingle to Seaforth.    2. Crosby.

3. Z-Cars.    4. Otterspool - so named because of an iron foundry once there.

5. Waterloo.    6. 51 metres.    7. 65 - born June 1955.    8. New Brighton.

9. 1840 – exact 1846.   10. Hangfield – it represented a boundary not the noose.




Submitted by Anita


Together we will get through this.
Revd Neil Short