Coronavirus - Community updates from the Revd Neil Short - No 27


No 27: 10.6.20



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The government has announced that churches may open on or after Monday 15th June. 
We are going to open for a ‘THANKSGIVING WEEKEND’ at St Michael’s Church on Friday 19th – Sunday 21st June. We aim to set up displays around the church on the Friday morning, which will include prayer stations, poems, flowers, arts and crafts.

Entry to the church will be limited to 3 people/families at a time.

Our hope is that lots of people in our Blundellsands Community would like to contribute something as a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to God for getting us this far. We may want to pray for loved ones and for key workers. We will be collecting both food and donations for our local Food Bank. More details will follow, but we wanted to give you advanced notice to start writing, painting, growing, knitting and just being creative in your favourite way in order to celebrate this event. It will help our planning if you would let us know ASAP, and by Sunday 14th June at the latest, if you wish to contribute.

We will give more information on the Sunday Service sheet for June 14th and the Newsletter for Wednesday 17th June. If you have any questions please send an email to Nerys in the St Michael’s Church office or ring me on 0151 378 0332




A caring Brownie from St Michael’s (14th Crosby) Brownies had loads of fun with the challenges for the Happy Laugh Challenge badge.  She baked so many happy cakes and put them into gift bags.  She and her mother delivered them (safely) to all their neighbours, many of them in the vulnerable group, so were able to check they were OK as

they went up and down their road.



Recently Neil interviewed David Crank, President of Firwood Waterloo Rugby Club.

Neil:    It’s been a very frustrating time for all lovers of Sport. What has been happening at

 Firwood Waterloo?
David: The lockdown brought about an abrupt end to the season with 5 games to go and forced

 the cancellation of a trip planned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our friends at

 Dublin Wanderers Rugby Club. It also became impossible to properly celebrate the

 efforts of all members from the very young mini and junior members to the senior

 players, which in normal circumstances would round the season off.


Neil:    Have the players been able to get back to training?
David: Not yet at the Club, I am sure they are doing all they can to stay fit at home. The players

are itching to get back to pre-season fitness tests but for now they have to be patient!

What I can say is that it has given us the chance to prepare the pitch for next season with

the help of volunteers and our friendly ground maintenance supporter, Wrights, so there

should be a good surface for all on their return.


Neil:    Presumably the crisis has had a big impact on the club financially?
David: It has and will continue to have, although initially softened by the ability to furlough staff

and through grants that were provided to clubs like ours to cover the fact nobody was

allowed to use the premises. Members have been supportive and we hope that we will

be able to open up socially in the near future, although it does appear this will not be

before 4th July at the earliest.


Neil:    Do you think the season will be able to start again in September
David: I have my doubts, I am not sure how quickly they will allow up to 30 people on a pitch in

a contact game. I think a referee has enough to do without monitoring social distancing!


Neil:    When the season does get started again, it would be good to organise another trip to a

match from St Michael's. 

David: You would definitely be very welcome, playing or non-playing, and we would look forward

to that. Can I also wish you all the best for all that St Michael's is doing for the

community at this time.


Neil:    A big ‘thank you’ to David and other volunteers who are working hard at our sports clubs

during this difficult time



Here's a riddle: At a four-legged table there is a grandma, two mums, two daughters and a granddaughter. How many legs are under the table?




Thank you everyone for continuing to drop off cheques and food for the South Sefton Food Bank.  They are feeling overwhelmed with our community’s generosity! Shelves are full right now.


From June 15 onwards the door to door pick-up service you may have been participating in will be ceasing. However, the good news is that Lucy is going to continue being the local hub for dropping off all Food Bank donations. Please drop off items/deliver cheques to 3 St. Michael’s Road between 10am -12noon on Monday mornings.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lucy on 924 5658.



We had a great night with much hilarity on Friday 5th June when Mary Deary proved herself to be the Blundellsands wine buff for 2020. A big thank you to Phil and Gen for organising the event. We were also able to donate £40 to the Food Bank from surplus money.


Our next quiz night in is at 7pm on Friday, 19th June when Richard Kemp will return as our quizmaster. If you would like to be included send an email to Richard at

If you are not yet on Zoom give us a ring and Margaret will help you, it only takes a few minutes.



So far during this crisis we have had the following government slogans:


                                          Now we have:
                                          STAY ALERT
                                          FIGHT THE VIRUS
                                          SAVE LIVES

If I was allowed to invent one it would be:
                                          Bless our Neighbours
                                          Build Community
                                          Be Good News

We have all missed lots of things during lockdown: seeing family and friends, having a pint with a mate, playing Bridge, going out for a meal, and much, much, more. But I am sure that, like me, we have all welcomed the strong community ties which have developed out of adversity. It’s almost as if we have regained something we have lost over the past couple of generations.

Of course, community only works when we are prepared to give. That’s why we all need to:

                                            Bless our Neighbours
                                            Build Community
                                            Be Good News



Lord God, against whom no door can be shut, enter the homes of our community, and bless and guide us and our neighbours. Please fill us with Your love, that we may truly love and serve one another, showing courtesy, consideration and understanding. Grant this in the name of your son Jesus Christ our Saviour.



I am giving a two-minute talk each Wednesday on different ways to help you read the Bible. To access the second video, click the link below.

For those who missed last Sunday’s talk you will find it here:


If you are new to accessing YouTube clips and need some help, just give Margaret or I a ring on 0151 378 0332 and we will help.



Here's a riddle: At a four-legged table there is a grandma, two mums, two daughters and a granddaughter. How many legs are under the table?


Answer: Some of the people are the same. You actually have only 3 people: a grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter. So that’s 6 human legs and 4 table legs = 10.




It’s no joke getting old



Together we will get through this.

Revd Neil Short