Coronavirus - Community updates from the Revd Neil Short - No 23


No 23: 27.5.20



  • During the present situation we intend to send out an email letter with news, a thought for the day, medical advice and an ‘always look on the bright side’ item.
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Submitted by Jane and Anita



On Friday 22nd May, 28 of us in 19 different venues took part in our latest quiz. We had lots of new Zoom members. If you would like to learn how to get onto Zoom, give me a ring. Congratulations to the Bamber Gascoigne of the day was Di. A big thanks to Richard and Rachel who set the questions.




On Friday 5th June at 7pm we are holding a Wine Tasting Quiz Night by Zoom. This should be good fun and a great way to keep in touch. The whole event will last only 40 minutes the length of a Zoom meeting.

Phil and Gen Flynn are our hosts. Here’s how it will work.

  1. ASAP you need to send an email to Phil and Gen letting them know you want to take part.  
  2. The event is limited to 20 households taking part. So it’s the first to book.
  3. Phil will email you further details about the event, and how to get onto zoom if you have not already registered.
  4. During the day of Friday 5th June 4 small bottles (150 ml each) of wine will be delivered to your door. You must have £10 cash in an envelope ready to collect, maintaining social distancing. Any left over money will be donated to the local Foodbank
  5. Late afternoon Phil will Email you a link to the Zoom meeting.
    There will be a prize for a person playing on their own, and another for those in groups of 2 and above.

So if you want to take part send an Email to Phil and Gen at:
He will send you an email explaining how to set up ZOOM and on Friday will send another email which will be an invitation to the Quiz.


Don’t be afraid to have a go - we are all learning together. Get yourself 4 glasses, some cheese and other nibbles and be ready for a great occasion.


Start is an introduction to the Christian faith in six sessions, for use by any enquiring individual.  It helps people:
-think about where they are going with their lives
-grapple with questions about God, Jesus and faith
-begin to consider the good news of Jesus for themselves
-consider how they want to respond to him.

You will need to download the Worksheets for Sessions 1-6. These can be accessed by clicking on the following link:'s%20Notes.pdf

You will need a PC, laptop or iPhone to watch Session 1 by clicking on the following link:   
Week 1:
Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:
Week 6:


QUIZ Submitted by Eileen and Michael

  1. In the English order of Precedence protocol, who is the senior commoner?
  2. Who was the first President of the USA to visit Europe?
  3. Germany has how many land borders?
  4. Desdemona is a female character in which Shakespeare play?
  5. A sesquicentennial anniversary celebrates how many years?
  6. Who wrote ‘A White Christmas’ and ‘Annie get your gun’?
  7. What is the national sport of Bhutan?
  8. The Bermuda Bowl is the world’s major competition for which activity?
  9. In Rugby Union, what is the standard distance in yards, between the two goal lines?
  10. Who introduced the German Homberg hat into Britain?



This Sunday, 31st May, is Pentecost Sunday. It was a Jewish festival which occurred 50 days (Pent) after Passover. Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until he did something very special; they could never have guessed what would occur. On that day God sent his Holy Spirit, to live inside his followers. Not an impersonal force like in Star Wars, “May the force be with you”, but a person…..God himself. It was simply mind blowing. In fact, on the day that it happened some of the bystanders accused the disciples of being drunk!

2000 years later God still wants to live inside his followers so that they can know him. I will be saying more about this in my Pentecost talk on Sunday.


Faithful God,
who fulfilled the promises of Easter
by sending us your Holy Spirit
and opening to every race and nation
the way of life eternal:
open our lips by your Spirit,
that every tongue may tell of your glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.




I am giving a two minute talk each Wednesday on Prayer. Like many people I find prayer difficult, so in these videos I include tips on different ways to pray. To access the seventh video, click the link below.


For those who missed last Sunday’s talk you will find it here:

If you are new to accessing YouTube clips and need some help, just give Margaret or I a ring on 0151 378 0332 and we will help.




  1. Archbishop of Canterbury. 2. Woodrow Wilson 1914 3. 9 4. Othello 5. 150
  1. Irving Berlin 7. Archery 8. Bridge 9. 110 yards 10. Edward VII




Submitted by Margaret



Lockdown lingo - are you conversant with the new terminology? Submitted by Ben



The ups and downs of your mood during the pandemic. You’re loving lockdown one minute but suddenly weepy with anxiety the next. It truly is “an emotional coronacoaster”.



Experimental cocktails mixed from whatever random ingredients you have left in the house. The boozy equivalent of a store cupboard supper. Southern Comfort and Ribena quarantini with a glacé cherry garnish, anyone? These are sipped at “locktail hour”, i.e. wine o’clock during lockdown, which seems to be creeping earlier with each passing week.


*Le Creuset wrist*

It’s the new “avocado hand” - an aching arm after taking one’s best saucepan outside to bang during the weekly ‘Clap for Carers.’ It might be heavy but you’re keen to impress the neighbours with your high-quality kitchenware.



As opposed to millennials, this refers to the future generation of babies conceived or born during coronavirus quarantine. They might also become known as “Generation C” or, more spookily, “Children of the Quarn”.


*Furlough Merlot*

Wine consumed in an attempt to relieve the frustration of not working. Also known as “bored-eaux” or “cabernet tedium”.



An overdose of bad news from consuming too much media during a time of crisis. Can result in a panicdemic.


*The elephant in the Zoom*

The glaring issue during a videoconferencing call that nobody feels able to mention. E.g. one participant has dramatically put on weight, suddenly sprouted terrible facial hair or has a worryingly messy house visible in the background.


*Antisocial distancing*

Using health precautions as an excuse for snubbing neighbours and generally ignoring people you find irritating.



The 10lbs in weight that we’re all gaining from comfort-eating and comfort-drinking. Also known as “fattening the curve”.



Together we will get through this.
Revd Neil Short