Coronavirus - Community updates from the Revd Neil No 4


No 4: 25.3.20


  • During the present situation we intend to send out an email letter with news, a thought for the day, medical advice and an ‘always look on the bright side’ item.
  • If you want to be removed from this mailing list please let me know.
  • If you have a friend or neighbour who would like to receive this please forward their details.
  • If you are able and willing to print these and deliver to someone living nearby without email can you please let me have their names so that I know they are included.
  • I also invite you to send in items, especially humorous ones!
  • For all correspondence please use



For those who have to self-isolate we want to be able to support you as much as we can with practical things like shopping.

The following people have already volunteered to help: Jo and Gary, Henry and Gerry, John and Frances, Michelle, Liz, Natasha, Jan and Bob, Neil and Margaret.
If you are able to help please let Terry know.

If you require shopping:
Please send your name, address, post code, tel no and order to Terry Owen at:- or ring her on 0151 924 4980.

We will do our best to get what you request, but if necessary, will get something similar.

We will deliver your shopping to your doorstep in new bags with the supermarket bill. We will not be collecting money from you. Every month we will be sending you a combined bill. We would like you to write a cheque made out to St Michael’s PCC, put it in an envelope and hand it to your deliverer on the next occasion they call.


Looking ahead we think we ought to plan for making, freezing and delivering soup. Helen is heading this up. We could do with:-

  • A freezer to put in the church hall. If you have a spare one let me know.
  • Or space in your freezer, if you have a lot of space.


Many communities are coming together to help the elderly and those who are self-isolating. A simple but effective way is by using two coloured cards which you place in your window: -

BLUE: Everything is OK
RED: In need of help

Can I suggest that if you are fit an able, a few people in a street get together and organise this scheme. You could post the attached letter together with a piece of Red and Blue card through each letterbox.

Remember not to go inside houses, to do as much as you can over the phone, and if you speak on the doorstep, to practice Social Distancing.


I suggest you add the Name, Tel No and Email of your helper team onto the attached template letter and deliver to each house with the two coloured cards. If you require card, please email our office, telling us how many sets of cards is required with your address and we will deliver.

If you are unable to meet needs do please pass things on to Nerys in the St Michael’s Church Office, and we will do what we can: 0151 924 0561



In this present crisis, being isolated is something we will all have to face. Jesus makes each one of us an amazing promise.
‘I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, who will stay with you forever.’ John 14v16.
Jesus says this to his disciples just before he leaves them alone and returns to heaven.
This ‘HELPER’ is the Holy Spirit. His role is to help us not be alone by making God feel real to us.

A good habit to nurture each day is to sit in a comfortable chair, breath out any anxiety, and then as you breathe in, ask the Holy Spirit to make God’s presence real to you.



Father, please comfort those whose increasing years bring them isolation, and a sense of helplessness during these changing world events. Give them peace, a willingness to accept help, and assure them of your love. In the name of Jesus.  Amen.



My friend’s 5-year-old granddaughter has been taught very well at school about the coronavirus pandemic and about the actions she must take to protect herself and her family. So, she was able to tell her mummy, who is a doctor: “Mummy, we have to wash our hands and sing Happy Birthday twice so that the corona pirates don’t get us”.

Submitted by Wendy


Together we will get through this.
Revd Neil Short





Please list what you require under the heading below
Basic Essentials Shopping List
























Please send this through to Terry at

or ring her on 0151 924 4980




RE: COVID 19 response

Over the last few days, there has been a quite clear shift from the government to get families to remain at home more and more.  This is likely to continue over the coming days, weeks and even months.  With this in mind, we thought it best to have a system where we can support one another without being over bearing.

We firstly wanted to share a few email addresses in case you need anything over the next few days and then we can create a group so people have contact with one another.  If you want to be involved then email one of the addresses below.

Volunteer 1   Address, Email
Volunteer 2   Address, Email
Volunteer 3   Address, Email


A simple but effective way some communities have communicated is by using two pieces of coloured card (one red and one blue) and displaying them in the window of your house which all can then see.

BLUE: Everything is OK

RED:  In need of help


By displaying these, we can then support one another in a time of crisis as someone can then call around or email to see what they can do to help.  The scariest thing is to be alone with no one to help at times like these.

Best wishes and kind regards

Volunteer 1 (House No)
Volunteer 2 (House No)
Volunteer 3 (House No)