Coronavirus - Community updates from the Revd Neil No 1

No 1: 20.3.20

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Whats up doc!

With the Coronavirus situation affecting us all, on Thursday 19th  March, Neil interviewed Dr Mark Hughes, a member of St Michael’s, for the best medical advice for members of our congregation.

Neil: Many thanks for all you and your staff are doing for our community.  What initial symptoms should we be concerned about?

Dr Mark: feeling achy or fluey, new cough, sore throat, fever.

N:      What should we all be doing? 

Dr M: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and use  Alcohol-based gel.
-Sneeze into the crook of your arm
-Use tissues and dispose of them into an enclosed bin
-Avoid shaking hands or close contact with others 

-Avoid touching your face

N: Most of our congregation are over 70, what is your initial advice for them?

Dr M   Follow the government advice.

  • Stay at home and self isolate,
  • Take Paracetamol and plenty of fluids.
  • Do not take aspirin unless it has been prescribed by your doctor for another condition.
  • Do not take Ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medication for symptoms of corona virus.
  • If you really need advice after looking on line call 111 Corona advice line.

N:      What do I do if symptoms get worse?

Dr M: Difficulty breathing can occur and should be discussed with the NHS 111 corona advice line or if you cannot get though, as if often takes up to five hours, if severe 999 or your GP  on the TELEPHONE.

Do not attend the GP surgery or the A and E department unless 999 becomes overwhelmed and you cannot get an answer. Most surgeries have closed except for essential examination in patients who have no symptoms of infection.

N:      Should I wear a face mask?

Dr M: Wearing a face mask is not part of government advice as it does not give any protection against the virus.

N:      Have you got a final word?

Dr M: Above all DO NOT BE COMPLACENT. Looking at the projected figures this is potentially and probably the most serious event in my lifetime and since the Second World War. Let’s hope the experts are wrong, but events in Italy indicate they are probably correct.

Do not despair. If you take this seriously do your best to follow strict precautions and with God’s help and a little luck granted to you, you will be alright. 

N:      Many thanks for your advice. We will be continuing to pray for you and all our health care workers.


Practical Information

As the outbreak develops it will be important to keep in touch with people, particularly those who are vulnerable, and those who do not have family who live nearby.

For those who have to self-isolate we want to be able to support you as much as we can with practical things like shopping. In order to do this I will need you to send me your email, telephone and mobile numbers, so that we can keep in touch.

Please send your Name, Address, Email, Tel and Mob to I will not be passing your information onto third parties.

We had planned to open church for private prayer, but decided with an aging congregation it would be unwise to do this.

I understand the Archbishop of Canterbury will be leading a special service on TV and Radio at 08.10 on Sunday morning 22nd March.

The Archbishop is encouraging all Christians to place a candle in their lounge window at 7pm on Sunday 22nd March as a sign of solidarity and hope

If you are ill, don’t be afraid to ask for help, send an email to, or call any of us listed on the back page of the magazine.


Thought for the Day

The reading in the Word for Today Bible Reading Notes for Friday 20th March is Isaiah 26 verse 3
‘You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.’

If we focus on our circumstances we will be robbed of our peace. God never changes, so if we focus on him nothing will spin out of control.

Together we can help one another through this crisis.


Always look on the bright side of life!  Submitted by Margaret

Pooh and Piglet go for supplies

‘Where are we going Piglet?’ asked Pooh.

‘We need to get supplies,’ said Piglet. ‘For the Coronavirus’

‘Ahh’ said Pooh, nodding in understanding. ‘Things like bread, milk, cough mixture, tissues and cat litter even though we don’t have a cat?’

Piglet did a little laugh, and a sort of leap and a bit of a cough. ‘No,’ said Piglet. ‘No, those aren’t the sort of supplies we need at all! What we need are family sized bags of chocolate buttons, massive toblerone, jelly babies and crunchies and a freezer full of stuffed crust pizzas, and all of the Prosecco that we can possibly carry, so that when we get quarantined we won’t mind it even slightly. THOSE are supplies.’

All of a sudden, Pooh thought that the idea of coronavirus didn’t seem quite so bad, and actually, getting quarantined with Piglet and their supplies really didn’t sound such a terrible thing after all. ‘Oh Piglet,’ said Pooh. ‘I really do think you are a very wise animal.’


Together we will get through this
Revd Neil Short