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Recently Neil interviewed Joanne Chan-Atkinson, Head of faculty at St Michael’s High School.

Neil:                How long have you been a teacher at St Michael’s and what is your role?

Joanne:          I have been at St. Michael’s High School for 7 years and my role is Head of Design Technology, Art &    ICT faculty.

Neil:                Apart from home schooling your own children, and doing on-line teaching for your pupils, can you tell me about the safety equipment you have been producing?
Joanne:          Throughout lock down, myself and three members of staff have been

 manufacturing a range of PPE including full face visors produced on the laser cutter. We have also made cotton face masks, adjustable ear savers and head bands. I would like to give a special thank you to Mr D. Gilchrist (DT technician), Mrs. Campbell (Science Technician) and Mrs. Crompton (DT Teacher) for the many hours they gave up helping produce the PPE.

Neil:                Who have benefited from the PPE?
Joanne:          I have distributed over 500 visors to front line workers to approximately 15 care

 homes throughout Blundellsands, Waterloo, Crosby and Formby, Walton Neurological Centre, Queens Court Hospice, clinics, veterinary surgeries and individual front line workers including nurses and social workers and staff working in other essential services.  We have also provided approximately 150 cotton masks to members of the community.

Neil:  We have great admiration for all that you and your staff having been doing at a very busy time during the crisis. Your efforts will have given many people confidence in difficult situations and will have probably even saved lives. On behalf of the community of Blundellsands I would like to say a massive thank you. May God bless you as you finish off this term and make preparations for autumn.   



On Friday 3rd July, Richard led our latest quiz.Congratulations to our winners Christine, Leo and Anne. The next quiz will be Friday 17th July at 7.30pm.



Ailsa’s daughter Tricia would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent birthday cards and letters to Ailsa. She particularly likes receiving post cards and pictures. If you are able to send something the address is Warren Park Nursing Home, 66 Warren Rd, Blundellsands, Merseyside L23 6UG.


Bev Boden and Clare Baxter would like to say a big thank you for everyone who supported their recent tabletop sales.
Bev raised £590 for the Children’s Society through a plant sale. Barclays have agreed to match fund this.
Clare raised £370 for CHET through a book sale.



1.  In 1940/1 how often did a Briton get a fresh egg?

     (every week/every month/never/every 2 months)

2.  What occupied nation was the subject of the harshest rationing system during the war?

3.  What nation never introduced rationing?
     (France/New Zealand/Canada/Italy)

4.  What year did rationing finish in Britain?


5.  At the start of the European conflict in 1939 there were 2 countries already at war. Which


     (Poland & USSR/Japan & China/Germany & Holland/Italy & Albania)

6.  June 6th 1944 - the longest day of WW2. What was the code name for the invasion of

     France which started with the allied landings in Normandy?

     (Market Garden/Debarkation/Overlord/Normandy)

7.  On which beach did the Americans run into major resistance during the D Day Landings?


8.  What was the code name for the German invasion of Britain?


9.  How many air raid shelters were built under London underground stations during WW2?


10.  Liverpool was subjected to severe bombing from 1st-8th May 1941. How many people died

       in the May Blitz in Liverpool?




Do you remember the old DAZ advert? Will you swap this packet of DAZ for two packets of your old soap powder? Sometimes we have to let go of something if we are going to take hold of something better.

One day a man who had everything going for him came up to Jesus and asked, “What must I do to gain eternal life?” Jesus thought for a while and replied, “Go sell everything, give to the poor and you will have treasure in Heaven.” The danger is to think that this incident is about money. It’s not, it’s far more difficult than that!
We know from the gospels that this man was young, he was rich, he was powerful (he was a ruler), and he was a good guy. But even so he wanted more, he wanted what Jesus was offering……eternal life. If you follow the story in Luke 18v18 you will see that he mistakenly thinks he will have to do something, or stop doing something to gain eternal life.
If Jesus is going to give you his life, then you must be prepared to give him your life. The problem is that our life is often wrapped up in something which is important to us, for this young man it was his money, for us it might be reputation, friends, family, or simply wanting to be in charge.

The story says he wasn’t up to the challenge, so he went away sad. Are you going to stay with your old brand, or switch to the new?



Teach us, Good Lord

         To serve you as you deserve.

        To give and not count the cost.

        To fight and not heed the wounds.

   To toil and not to seek for rest.

       To labour and not to ask for any reward

  Except that of knowing that we do Your Will.

      Through Jesus Christ our Lord, 



For those who missed our Sunday talks you will find them here:

Sunday 5th July

Sunday 12th July   

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1.  Never     2.  Poland     3.  New Zealand     4.  1954     5.  Japan & China

6.  Overlord     7.  Omaha     8.  Pegasus     9.  16     10.  4000




We all need a cuddle

Together we will get through this.
Revd Neil Short