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First published on: 26th August 2021


No 65: 25.8.21



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When my PA Nerys sadly died so unexpectedly back in April, Jan stepped in to help out. She has been amazing and we say a really big thank you to her.

I am pleased to be able to announce that Clare Kerrigan has now been offered and accepted the post. Clare has worked for the Dean of Liverpool, Justin Welby, who moved on to become the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Bishop Bev Mason the Bishop of Warrington. This is clearly going to be a big step up for Clare!

Jan will now be free to focus more time on her golf. Not that she needs it after her recent hole in one on the 17th at West Lancs. Jan will continue in her role as PCC secretary, and helping to organise social events.



Now that the summer is over, and life is getting back to some sense of normal these are the services for the coming month.

Sunday          5th        10.30 Morning Worship
Sunday          12th     10.30 Holy Communion
Sunday          12th       6.30  A New Evening Worship in the Church Hall . See details below.
Sunday          19th     10.30  Morning Worship

Sunday          19th       6.30  Evening Holy Communion.
Sunday          26th     10.30  Holy Communion
Wednesday     6th     10.30  Holy Communion. A quiet reflective service in the middle of the
                                           middle of the week.



On Sunday 12th September we will be holding the first of our new monthly evening services. It will be new in lots of different ways:

-We will be meeting in our newly refurbished small hall.
-We will be starting with fresh coffee
-We will be learning some new songs together with some old favourites
-Neil will be inviting some of his friends to help him
-We will be finishing with food. This month Pizza.

Everyone is welcome, you don’t have to come every month, so give it a try.



Because of the generosity of the congregation back in Spring, we have been able to purchase Livestreaming equipment. The Sunday morning Service will be Livestreamed at 10.30 each week. It won’t be as good as being there in person but it will be brilliant for those who are ill or housebound.

The service will then be available on line to watch at any time in the week following.

Further details in the next Newsletter.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness shown to Neil and I over these last few weeks since I had my knee surgery.

I have received some lovely flowers and cards with your good wishes, and of course a steady supply of cake for which Neil is also very thankful!

I would, like to thank Neil for running around after me during this time. He’s been wonderful. He’s learned new skills like how to use the washing machine!!

I would also like to thank you for your prayers. They have carried me especially during the first week when I was feeling pretty rough.

I found this prayer sent to me by Brenda, very helpful in the middle of the night:

1When night comes, Lord,                         4When night comes, Lord

Help me to face                                            Help me to cope

The dark on my own                                   With worries and fears;

With the help of your grace.                       For You are my hope.


2When night comes, Lord                          5When night comes, Lord

Help me to find                                             Help me keep calm

Rest for my body                                          Watch over my slumber

And peace for my mind.                              Protect me from harm.


3When night comes, Lord                          6When night’s gone, Lord

Help me to know                                          Help me give you praise

You are my strength                                    For you are my helper

When my spirit is low.                                 Through all of my days. Amen


During lockdown we are having a Zoom Quiz every month. The next one is on Friday 10th September at 7.30pm.There will be a prize for those taking part on their own and another for those in a family group.
If you would like to be involved send an email to Richard Kemp at


THINKING OF YOU-Submitted by Betty Watson-Kay

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

If he had a wallet, your picture would be in it.

He sends you flowers every spring,

He sends you sunrise every morning

Face it, friend – He is crazy about you!

Tell this to every person you wish to bless.


God didn’t promise days without pain,

Laughter without sorrow,

Sun without rain, but,

He did promise strength for the day,

Comfort for the tears,

And light to guide you on your way –


If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.



Do you remember those days when you lined up against the playground wall and the two captains alternated at picking their teams? The big fear was that you would be left out because nobody wanted you!

It interesting to see who Jesus chose to be in his team.

First, let me say something about women. In Jesus day there were lots of Jewish teachers (Rabbis) who chose people to be their followers, and they were always men. So it is no surprise that when Jesus chose twelve disciples, they were likewise all men. What was more surprising is that Jesus had a bigger ring of followers, often thought to be about 120, and many of these were women including Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and John, the wife of Zebedee, Joanna and Salome. It is astounding that Jesus chose a women to be the first person to see him alive after the resurrection and a women to be the first evangelist.

Now let’s think about the male disciples. Most of them were fairly unremarkable. Andrew, Peter, James and John were lowly fishermen, and Levi was a hated tax collector. It’s as if Jesus is picking a representative group from the local population.

So who does Jesus choose today to follow him?. Here’s a few I have personally been involved with over many years of ministry. Jill, a 10-year-old girl, Matt, a 16 year old tear away, Cherry, a Chinese student, Neil and Sue, a newly married couple  in their early thirties, Bob, who was a headmaster, Ken, who had spent 70 years doubting the existence of God, Jeremy, who went on to become a Vicar, Miriam, who became a counsellor, and John, who was on his death bed and literally only had a few hours left to live.

It’s my experience that God chooses everyone, and some are wise enough to respond. Everyday approximately 178,000 people choose to respond to his call and follow him. It could be your day today.



Lots of activities are now up and running in the Church Hall. Here are some for Children.

Uniformed Groups
14th Crosby (St Michael’s) Rainbows girls, aged 4-7 meet on Wednesday evening;

14th Crosby (St. Michael’s) Brownies girls, aged 7-10, and 14th Crosby (St. Michael’s) Guides meet on a Thursday late afternoon and night at the Church Hall.

The girls have fun, make new friends, have adventures and work towards badges.  The girlguiding programme uses the themes, ‘Know myself’, ‘Express myself’, ‘Be Well’, ‘Have Adventures’, ‘Take Action’ and ‘Skills for my future’.

If any girl is interested, their parent/guardian can visit to find out more, watch a short video and register to join us.  Volunteers are also welcome to register to join us.


Music in Unison

Music in Unison is dedicated to providing the highest quality music education and musical experiences from birth to 5 years old. 
Music Education courses: Young Babies (0-7 months); Older Babies (8-20 months): Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

Our group sessions give your little one the perfect introduction to the world of music. The focus of these sessions is to provide a foundation in musical skills in a progressive, informal manner. All sessions are delivered through the medium of live classical music, encouraging a hands on, exploratory approach to music making.

Our 'Take it to the floor' concert series is about getting 'up close' and being immersed in the musical activities. Created for babies and young children the concert happens on the floor, with our little spectators being able to get up close to see, hear and feel the musical action. Our professional musicians perform on a range of classical instruments to entertain and delight our budding mini-musicians. 
We meet in St. Michael’s Church Hall every Thursday between 9.00am – 2.00pm
If you are interested, please contact Tara Delve on 07375 923766 or visit our website



Limelight Speech And Drama Academy gives young people expert teaching within the world of drama and performance opportunities for individuals who wish to explore the industry. 

We take a professional approach towards training young people whilst keeping the ‘fun factor’ a key feature in drama lessons . Our lessons will actively encourage youngsters to develop their talents, confidence and personality through imagination and creation. 

In addition to weekly sessions, we also provide the opportunity to take LAMDA ( London’s Academy Of Dramatic Art ) examinations. 

Lessons are held on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings at St Michael’s Church Community Hall. 

For further information and to get a copy of the timetable for September 2021, please contact Helen Williams on 07890987587 or email 


The Arts Society Crosby

Your local arts society of approximately 90 members meets in St Michael’s Church hall on the second Wednesday of the month at 2pm.

Our annual subscription is £50, but you can pay £6 for a single lecture. Have a look at our website at  
Our next meeting is on 8 September and it is Nigel Bates talking about the Opera House. On 13 October we have Ghislaine Howard talking about Women Artists. Our talks are very high quality, given by leading experts in their field and cover all aspects of the arts.
We also organise trips to places of interest and get involved in and support community activities where we can, and we are hoping to organise a UK holiday in 2022. We think we are a friendly lot and you can be assured of a sociable time.
Come along and test the water. You will meet someone you know, at least by the end of the meeting. 
Richard Ainsworth, Chairman   Tel: 07970733424


For those who missed our  Sunday talks you will find them here:

Sunday August 8th

Sunday August 15th

Sunday August 22nd   

If you are new to accessing YouTube clips and need some help, just give Margaret or I a ring on 0151 378 0332 and we will help.


Together we will get through this.
Revd Neil Short