If a loved one has died, we are very happy to help you arrange a funeral for them. We try to support you through the sad time of your bereavement.

The first contact with us will normally be thorugh your Funeral director who will help you with all the arrangements.  We will visit you, in your home wherever possible, to decide what form you would like the funeral service to take.

After a Cremation, the ashes of your loved one can be buried in our Memorial Garden at a time suitable to you. This will take place in a short service. 




Their names will be recorded for posterity in our Memorial Book.

We hold an annual Thanksgiving and Memorial Service at 10.30am usually on the first Sunday in 

November, which marks All Saints and All Souls Day.  You will be able to light a candle in memory of your loved one, and enjoy the support of other bereaved families. 





If you would like to talk to someone about a funeral, please contact the Revd Neil Short on 0151 378 0332 or Helen Hunter on 0151 931 1454.